Audio Comparer: Duplicate MP3 Finder - Music IndoManca

Audio Comparer: Duplicate MP3 Finder

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Some people, with the large capacity hard drive that will make this available to the customs wishes save music files from various sources, without thinking whether a file has been saved or not. Maybe there will be a duplication of files on the hard drive that will take a big space. If your hard drive full of music files or the other, you likely also have to double the MP3 music files. Search for the same file may be quite time consuming, because you may have the same file with a different name. You need tool that can help you to automatically locate these duplicates. After you fount it you may want to delete a file that is not desired. The tool wil do it for you is Audio Comparer. With this duplicate MP3 finder you will get a more specific search to compare the file size, CRC check, and ID3 (MP3 meta data) to help you search for files that have duplicate. Because in every computer usually are often the same file such as MP3, MP2, MP1, AIF, WAV, WMA and Ogg.

Audio Comparer is Windows application which able to detect duplicate files our music. Just imagine if we have a file of a double track? Of course, will make full a hard drive. Other advantages Audio Comparer is accuracy and speed find the file and delete the file doubles. And we can also play from the same place to make sure what we need or not. Audio Comparer is a duplicate MP3 finder software that is able to search and quickly find all duplicate music files that are in the folder or subfolder. With Audio Comparer we can decide on the hard drive partition or a folder that we want to find and scan duplicate files. Then we can remove duplicate files that we have previously scan. Once we receive the results duplicate files, we can also see it before deleting it. So with Audio Comparer we can save the disk space.


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