Liem Sioe Liong (Soedono Salim) Building Kingdom Business World - Music IndoManca

Liem Sioe Liong (Soedono Salim) Building Kingdom Business World

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If you want to starting a business maybe you feel confuse where I will start from. I want to tell you about Nouveau Riche (French for "new rich") Liem Sioe Liong that who knows give you inspiration how to do the business.

Liem Sioe Liong of Indonesia recognize that began at the age of 20 years, more than 45 years ago, said, "You must be born in the place and the right time." And, Anthony Salim - the birth of her sons named Liem Seng Fung - also said to the same magazine, "If you want to catch fish, animal, you must first buy the bait."

Short sentence that is the tends expression in the literature of Indonesia, the actual picture of their trade principles in Indonesia to permeate to the International. With the group he led, Soedono Salim birth Fukien, which began in 1916 with older brother: Liem Sioe Hie, help their uncle peanut oil traded at Kudus-Central Java, the second of three children with this can employ 25 thousand workers. Senior Executive of the truck driver to the amount not less than 3,000, including a fleet of cement companies Liem and associates.

The oldest brother Liem Sioe Hie - now aged 77 years - since the year 1922 was earlier emigrate to Indonesia - the time is still the Dutch colony - working in a company uncle in the Kudus city. In the midst of hurly Japanese expansion into the Pacific, followed by folklore treasures European kingdoms in Southeast Asia, then in 1939, Liem Sioe Liong follow his the oldest brother. From Fukien, he departure to Amoy, where rests a Dutch merchant ship that brought them across the Sea of China. For a month and then to Indonesia. Since the first, the Kudus city is famous as a center of clove cigarette factory, which is very much need the raw materials of tobacco and clove. And since the revolution era Nouveau Riche Liem Sioe Liong has been trained to become suppliers of clove, with the road smuggle raw materials from the Moluccas, Sumatera, Sulawesi Utara through to Singapore and then through the special-smuggling routes to the Kudus. So not surprisingly, the clove trade is one of the main pillars of business Liem Sioe Liong first once, in addition to textile sector. Previously he was also, many imported textile production factories bit from Shanghai.

One of the great opportunity that Nouveau Riche Liem Sioe Liong of the Government of Indonesia is the establishment of PT. Bogasari in May 1969 that monopoly wheat flour supplies to the Indonesian West, which covers about 2 / 3 of the population of Indonesia, in addition to the PT. Prima Indonesia to the East.

Various possibilities to further develop the company even though the speed will not increase capital, as a go-public in the Jakarta stock market, - the group held Soedono Salim with the incentive. Obstruction and business issues that threaten the company, see Liem not create panic. As He said, "If you only listen to what people are saying, you will be mad. You must do what you believe." Capitalization in short sentences that also lead Nouveau Riche Liem Sioe Liong young in the Kudus also known as Shao Lin Liang become a Soedono Salim building kingdom business world, recently.


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